September 26, 2023
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WINE O’CLOCK: A vintage written in the stars

If you have a birthday coming up soon you might want to celebrate with “a heady red wine that can wrap you in rich, gooey warmth … or a luxurious, full-bodied white”.

Why? Because your star sign is Cancer (June 21 to July 22) and Cancerians are “governed by sensation—they feel deeply, love strongly and take everything to heart”.

So says Rosie O’Donnell, Australian founder of a company called Astro Vino, which matches wines to star signs.

It sounds like a game somebody dreamt up in a pub after a few too many glasses of heady red. But Ms O’Donnell has built a business on this mix of astrology and codology and has shared her secrets with Vogue.

“People are like vintages, born of a time and under a celestial arrangement individual to them,” she tells the magazine. “A cosmic terroir, if you will. These are the influences of their soul’s making. The recipe that defines their natures, behaviours and desires.” Bet you didn’t know that now.

For Cancerians she recommends a 2019 Paralian Blewitt Springs Shiraz or a 2018 Limus Chardonnay.

If you can’t find these in Ireland you could try Wildflower Shiraz (€13.95, O’Briens). This is from Romania where they have been making wine for centuries but have only recently started to export it in serious quantities.

There is Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Shiraz in this slightly spicy blend. The predominant flavour is blackcurrant.

Or maybe try  Le Versant Chardonnay (€13.99, The Wine Centre, Kilkenny). Tasting notes describe it as “full on the palate”, so it should meet Ms O’Donnell’s star-struck criterion.  It has lovely floral scents and goes well with fish, shellfish or goats’ cheese.

If you  miss the Cancer cutoff, fear not. Leos (July 23 to Aug 22) are ” convivial, generous, energetic, dramatic, domineering and proud,” says Ms O’Donnell. So she recommends “fun and fizzy Proseccos … rosés … reds full of passion and drama … and the slender body of Pinot Noir”.

Ms O’Donnell names 2019 Shobbrook Poolside Rosé and 2019 Farr Rising Gamay. But you could try Brise Marine, Estandon Rose (€13. 95, The Wicklow Wine Company) which has Cabernet Franc as the main grape in a blend from Provence that includes Grenache and Syrah and is a very pleasant summer drink.

Or Castellore Organic Grillo Spumante (€12.99, Aldi). A superior Prosecco from the Grillo grape with fruity pear and peach flavours.


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