September 19, 2021
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Lockdown love triangle: Many Kilkenny employees miss ‘work spouse’ more

The locked-down people of Kilkenny are really missing their ‘work spouse’ – that’s the person in your workplace with whom you have a really close relationship, not necessarily sexual.

Many couples are finding working from home a strain, and one-in-five of them say they are missing their ‘work spouse’ more than they think they would miss their real spouse.

One-in-10 en admit to accidentally calling their partner by their work spouse’s name.

The work spouse confessions come from a survey of more 2,500 employees, which included home workers in Kilkenny. It was conducted for

Many couples said they were not as productive at home as they would be in the workplace. And 61% of employees working from home said they would be more productive if they were in lockdown with their work spouse as compared to their actual partner.

Jamie Ellis of advises a bit of social distancing to smooth things at home.

“If you have the space, try working in a separate room to one another and plan your lunch hours at the same time,” he says. “This way, you will each be able to give more attention to your work tasks, while still enjoying time together as a couple over lunch, dinner and in the evening.”


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