January 29, 2022

500 local children waiting over a year for vital healthcare services: Kilkenny TD

A total of 2,436 children Kilkenny and neighbouring Carlow are waiting to access primary healthcare services – and more than 500 of them have been waiting for over one year.

The figures, compiled by Fianna Fáil, reveal 90,000 children are currently waiting for primary care across the country. A further 117,000 children are waiting for hospital treatment.

Fianna Fáil Kilkenny TD Bobby Aylward described the figures as “shocking”.

Deputy Aylward (pictured below) said: “When we talk about primary care we’re talking about treatment that should be readily available, in a timely manner, in our communities.

“Psychology, audiology, ophthalmology, dietetics, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy should be available and accessible to children. Their parents shouldn’t have to fight so hard for them.

“Without a doubt, the waiting lists for initial speech and language therapy are the largest. 559 children are on the waiting list, 226 of them have been on the list for over a year.

“We know that early intervention is key, research has shown that when children receive delayed interventions, it negatively affects their quality of life, and increases their risk of not making progress or a full recovery in some circumstances. The children of Carlow and Kilkenny deserve better,” he added.

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