June 8, 2023
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A collaboration borne out of Covid: Talented young local musician teams up with Polish singer for new single

Cross-continent collaboration used to be the preserve of big budget music forces, but technology and talent have fused, particularly during lockdown, allowing young collaborators bypass gatekeepers to create industry standard, fresh sounds and form a creative response to the pandemic experience.

What’s remarkable is how young the tech-sav talent is. Two such unfound geniuses bring Ireland and Poland into an age of technology European vision that sees all-planet engagement as routine.

Eighteen-year-old Wexford based Rory Godson is an up and coming EDM producer and songwriter, streaming on all major platforms, with a global listenership. He is followed by the likes of Landis, the top US DJ on Instagram where the established mix with the arrivals.

He connected with talented newcomer, 20 year old Warsaw singer Karol Oberda during the lockdown.

Rory began his career at 15 under the tutelage of In Tua Nua’s Martin Clancy, a respected producer and lecturer, who ran a course for working professionals and took a chance putting his young pupil onto it.I was correct in not doubting that Rory would fit in with those who had considerable real-world experience in music. This is a key strength with Rory I have discovered. No complaints, excuses or deferment of responsibility. It came as something of a shock to be reminded that he was still only 16, with class colleagues of an average age twice his. He was an equal and that meant I completely forgot his age. I can think of no higher compliment to pay to this talented young man.”

Clancy’s belief was proven by Godson’s subsequent output. An EP Community of Shadows, released December 2019 which this news site reviewed, received regular radio play on target demographic station Beat FM, several online dance stations, and strong streaming interest. ‘The US is second after Ireland for streaming on Spotify.’ Rory reveals. An Instagram fan base is growing those stats.

His latest single release, Unfound, which hits all music platforms tomorrow, July 20, with video release July 27,  was just right for the uplifting vocal range of singer songwriter, Karol, who is lead singer of Pop Rock band Indigo Skies. Karol then co wrote the lyrics with Rory, focusing on a creative fight back against hard times, changing your life and moving on. The song has electronic vibes with soulful melodies and progressions.

Posts in the run up the launch have already attracted social media response from the likes of Landis.

In many ways the track is a symbol of creativity that burst out of the pandemic experience and was the millennial response to it. They’re smart, connected and now know young how fragile life is and it has made them all the more determined to live theirs fully.

Unfound came out of a few reasons. The first one is I feel we all have something unfound within us and it’s what we are meant to do and be. There’s a famous quote by Thoreau the American writer, ‘I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.’ I went to the woods to write lyrics for the track. I go there to be free and myself. There’s something unfound in me, you and us all. Nothing should ever stop us finding that. It’s what we are here to do,” Rory reveals.

“I am really glad that we managed to write something together that’s this valuable!” adds Karol. “I also think that finding the ‘unfound’ in yourself is crucial to go on in the modern world which moves on a very fast pace.”

The pair hope to work on other projects and pre-saves on Spotify will encourage the horizon to come closer. They reflect seismic shift – new market entrants breaking ground, seizing both zeitgeist and profit share, from record companies, bringing fresh sound and versatile perspectives.

Their strong will, technical skill and productions decision are what come out of the creative response to the enduring human struggle.

Collaborators get younger and continents get smaller in the new millennium.

Unfound launched on all music platforms on July 20.
YouTube video release July 27

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rorygodsonm/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRt6CBFxYZjLLydyDn6Gwg

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/4UrV31sOijMMmODDxYiOA8?si=cgWHYQSlRhmy6xF0Jr_sZw



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