July 17, 2024

Audi A5 seized in Kilkenny had photocopied tax and NCT from Toyota Avensis

The driver of a high-powered Audi A5 got a nasty land after they were stopped in gardai in Kilkenny who discovered the vehicle had photocopies of a Toyota Avensis’ NCT and motor tax discs.

Gardai confirmed the car was seized and that the driver now faces charges at the District Court.

A locla Garda spokersperson said: “Gardaí from Unit C Kilkenny intercepted this svelte Audi coupe while on patrol earlier. This was a confused A5 however, as its tax and NCT discs suggested it was an Avensis? Further scrutiny revealed the vehicle was wearing photocopies of another car’s NCT and Motor Tax discs. The car was seized and a trip to the District Court is to follow for the driver.”

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