August 8, 2022

ALERT: Kilkenny gardai set up more speed checks in 30kmh and 50kmh zones

Kilkenny gardai have warned they will be out of in force on our roads over the busy Christmas period.

With the countdown to the festive holiday now well underway, local gardai said motorists can expected to see more speed checks in 30kmh and 50kmh zones across the city and county over the next few weeks.

Gardai also warned they will also be carrying out increased drink and drug testing on local roads.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “Excessive speed in built up areas is a massive factor in pedestrian mortality where a collision occurs. In fact a pedestrian is nine times more likely to be killed by being hit at 60 over 30kmh.

“Intoxication is still a major contributory factor in fatal collisions. According to the RSA alcohol alone is a factor in 38% of fatal collisions.”The spokesperson urged motorists: “Let’s all get the point and not the points this Christmas.”

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