December 1, 2021

ALERT: Vulnerable Kilkenny householders targeted in new fake loan scam

GARDAI have urged Kilkenny householders to beware of websites targeting vulnerable people with fake loans.

The websites are aimed at people who would find it difficult to secure a loan from established banks.

Gardai said the fraudsters target potential victims and ask them to provide an amount of money in advance of receiving the loan.

They provide a number of detailed reasons for the front-up fee, claiming it is for “personal protection insurance” or to show the victim has the ability to meet the loan repayments.

Gardai said no loan payment is ever paid to the victim, and the advance fee is lost.

Some of the warnings signs for the fraud sites include promises that the loan will be approved very quickly and without checks on identity, ability to repay or credit rating. No paper documentation will be required by the lender.

Gardai have urged householders never to apply for a loan from any group or institution that is not authorised by the Central Bank.

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