October 20, 2021
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All-Ireland Final build-up – silence is Blue and Gold-en


IN TIPPERARY there are four divisions in the county championship, North, South, West and Mid, there is no East Tipperary some brave souls there joke. East Tipp is Kilkenny.

But the jokes are in short supply this week across the border, in fact its very quiet altogether, like some conspiracy to silence. Even the 2Johnnies have gone quiet on this one, didn’t even release a song.

Pat Short might have missed the premier memo, however, promoting his interesting use for Kilkenny jerseys. Other than that, not a shot from Tipp.

The same cannot be said here.

Depending on what you have been reading today, there is a lot of Cat talk, a lot of focus on Kilkenny. Everyone from TJ up top to Eoin Murphy in the nets has been mentioned and column inches given to each.

Cillian Buckley is the engine Colm Keyes in the Independent said today, Eoghan Murphy is a genius added Michael Verney in the same paper.

Jackie Tyrell in the Times said if Kilkenny win, TJ will have had a massive hand in it. Martin Breheny again in the Independent is affording TJ the hero status reserved in these parts for Henry, DJ, Lory or Eddie.

In the Irish Examiner, Christy O’Connor declared TJ a mix between Henry and Jimmy Doyle, in an article I’m still trying to finish. Sean Moran eulogised about the Ballyhale man in the Times again.

JJ Delaney stoked up the fire by saying the penalty Kilkenny got in the 2009 final when two-points behind should never have been given. We got a soft one, he said on Joe.ie, which “makes it even better.”

Derek McGrath, the former Waterford manager, was possibly the only one focusing on the Premier. In the Examiner he alluded to Tipp’s mental brittleness. There were a couple of column inches referring to Seamie Callanan on for his seventh championship game in a row where he goals.

But that’s it. Where is Tipp? There are two teams in this game, but the media it’s gone Cat crazy.

Is it worrying the premier men are so quiet? No eulogies about Paudie or Seamie? No misplaced or throw-away comments to give the Cats ammunition? No traditional final songs! No fuss with ticket sales.

Who knows, maybe they will still be quiet come Sunday evening, but their silence is ominous.




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