May 18, 2024
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Beet that: Successful Kilkenny company given more time to grow business

A small Kilkenny business has received a significant boost after its request for an extension to its planning period for a new processing plant and wastewater treatment facility was approved.

Mooncoin Homegrown Beetroot has been granted an extra five-years by Kilkenny County Council to complete the construction of a processing room and water treatment plant at its facility in Luffany in Mooncoin.

The initial planning permission was granted back in 2016 and was due to expire later this year.

Mooncoin Homegrown Beetroot now has an extra five years to complete the construction of the 74mt sq production facility and treatment plant.

The successful business, run by the Murphy family, was established in 2012 producing top-quality pickled beetroots. Their products can be found in several Irish supermarkets and local vendors.

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