June 9, 2023

Garda investigating M50 crash horror trawl CCTV in bid to track down source of shocking footage

GARDAI are hunting for the person who filmed horrific video footage of the M50 crash that claimed the life of a young woman which was circulated widely on social media.

They are investigating the possibility that a passing driver took photos or videos of the horrific crash on the M50 while they were behind the wheel.

Investigators are also examining CCTV to see if anyone was stopping at the scene unnecessarily.

There has been widespread public shock and anger after distressing imagery of the immediate aftermath of the crash, which claimed the life of Jackie Griffin, was circulated on social media.

A garda spokesman traffic was backed up at the scene of the horrific collision for hours, with many people taking pictures.

Gardaí believe a number of people may have recorded video at the scene.

It is also believed that people may have left their vehicles to take images, despite the fact that it is illegal to stop a car on a motorway other than in an emergency.

Gardai have urged members of the public not to share images of distressing accident scenes on social media.

They have asked people to be conscious of the impact these images would have on victims’ family members and friends.

Fine Gael TD Colm Brophy today called for regulations to prevent content like this being shared online.

“This week alone, family and friends who have to come to terms with the loss of a loved one should not have to hear that voyeurs are sending images through WhatsApp,” he said.

“We must have modern rules and regulations for social media that respect human decency and the privacy of other individuals. If traditional media can abide by this and have socially accepted boundaries in which they operate while still providing all with a public service, social media companies must also.

“They are publishers and have to be responsible as do those who use their products and services.”

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