December 6, 2023

WARNING: Motorists urged to avoid certain areas of Kilkenny after reports of black ice on our roads

Gardai, the AA and Kilkenny County Council have all issued an ice warning this morning and asked motorists to avoid certain roads in the county due to black ice.

Gardai said roads and footpaths around the county are “extremely hazardous in places” following the sharp drop in temperatures.

The AA and Kilkenny County Council have asked motorists to avoid some roads in South Kilkenny following reports of black ice on a number of routes.

The council advised motorists to avoid travelling in the Smartscastle, Cloone, Slieverue and Glenmore areas where they warned “there are treacherous road conditions due to black ice”.

With thermometres dropping below zero around the county, local gardai are urging motorists to drive with the utmost caution, saying braking distances may be up to 10 times the normal distance in present conditions.

A spokesperson for Kilkenny gardai said: “Conditions on roads and footpaths are extremely hazardous in places.

“There is a gentle thaw this morning leading to black ice where a very thin layer of moisture is sitting on top of ice.

“Beware drivers, braking distances in places can be 10 (times) greater. Also, pedestrians and other road users, be careful,” the spokesperson added.

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