July 12, 2024

Minister confirms Santa has been given clearance to enter Irish airspace

NEWS has just come in that Santa Claus has been cleared to enter Irish airspace by aviation bosses ahead of his mission to deliver presents to children all over the world by tomorrow morning.

In a statement this evening, Transport Minister Shane Ross confirmed that Santa’s magic sleigh has been given the green light to travel across the skies above Kilkenny and the rest of the country tonight.

Minister Ross said: “My aviation chiefs have been in touch with Santa and assured him that there will be no obstacle to his entering Irish air space as soon as it gets dark this Christmas Eve.

“Santa’s sleigh has been checked for air worthiness and is fully approved for round-the-world travel. All permits and insurance credentials are in order,” he added.

Santa and his elves have been busy making the final preparations for his long journey over the past week, ensuring all presents are packed onboard the sleigh, and that the reindeer have been given enough carrots and water for the upcoming trip.

Minister Ross also revealed that the Irish government had been informed that Mrs Claus would be accompanying Santa on his trip, as his chief navigator.

“She has advised that milk, cookies and carrots are the best items for children to leave out before they go to bed,” the minister added.

Minister Ross also confirmed Santa will be breathalysed before setting off on his sleigh tonight, to make sure he is well under the legal drink-flying alcohol limit.

Santa said: “I have to set a good example to everyone and myself and Mrs Claus are very happy to keep our Christmas drink until we’re safely home in front of the fire on Christmas morning.”


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