July 4, 2022

Can you spot Kilkenny’s phantom photobomber?

A woman who came to Kilkenny on a day-trip is asking for the public’s help in identifying a photobomber – who just so happens to be a ghost.

Jane Edmunds, from King’s Lynn in Norfolk, was visiting Ireland last week and came to Kilkenny as part of a coach trip.

While visiting some of the Marble City’s many medieval attractions, Jane decided to take a group selfie at Butterslip Lane. While looking over her photos a few days later, she noticed something a little spooky in the background – a ghost had crashed Jane’s pic, or so she thinks.

Jane got in contact with the Irish Daily Mirror hoping someone might recognise the ghostly figure or be a ghostbuster and solve the mystery of the spooker who crashed her selfie.

Speaking with the Mirror, Jane said: “Some people have said it’s a trick of the light but we took other photos at the same time which clearly show the arch in the background.

“There’s an awful lot of history in Kilkenny but after all our searching, we’ve failed to put a possible name to this figure.”

Can you spot the ghostly figure or shed some light on who the phantom photobomber might be?


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