October 4, 2023

ALERT: Surge in home break-ins across Kilkenny as dark nights set in

Local gardai have reported a surge in break-ins across Kilkenny over the last number of weeks, with burglars targeting cash and jewellery in particular.

Gardai are asking the public to be more security conscious and vigilant over the winter months. A local Garda spokesperson said: “The dark evenings coincide with a spike in criminal activities.”

The figures for break-ins are down 50% on the same period last year, however local gardai say tthere has been  an increase in burglaries over the past fortnight as the darker evenings set in.

As part of An Garda Síochána’s Operation Thor Crime Prevention advice for winter months, gardai are urging people to review security around their homes, in particular houses and garages, sheds and outhouses, which should be locked and secured at all times.

Some tips the gardai are giving to ensure your property is more secure are:

  • External dusk to dawn white LED lighting should be considered for dark areas around your home;
  • Internal lights should be timed to come on as dusk falls. This will give the appearance of the house/building being occupied;
  • Consider an alarm for your home. If you have an alarm use it at all times. It should be extended to your garage/shed;
  • Cash and jewellery are the most sought after items in domestic burglaries and do not keep large amounts of cash on your premises;
  • Mark your property both covertly and overtly. Marked property is less likely to be stolen and more likely to be identified and returned to its rightful owner if recovered;
  • Photograph your property;
  • Consider GPS trackers for property such as ride-on lawnmowers, trailers, caravans, and construction vehicles;
  • CCTV should be considered where you have a large volume of property stored.

Gardai also ask that people join their local Community Text Alert Group, and they can do this by contacting their local Garda Station.


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