September 22, 2023

Chateauneuf du Pape, Rodney – ‘Del Boy’ pulled on a Kilkenny road in an Andy Murray and elephant trunk, doing a Reliant Robin in a jam-jar with no bees-wax, got nicked with a wad of Ricki Lakes in his skyrocket!

You Plonker!

A man arrested on a host of driving offences has been compared to ‘Del-Boy’ by Kilkenny Gardai after he was initially pulled over for speeding but then found to be driving on three wheels, without tax and insurance, with a wad counterfeit money and drunk.

The man was stopped driving with only three tyres on his silver Volkswagen Passat by members of Unit A and C of the Kilkenny Garda early last Saturday morning.

The man was initially noticed after he was clocked driving at 100kmph in 50kmph zone in poor driving conditions, when he was pulled over it was then noticed the rear left tyre was completely shorn off the rim.

The gardai using the new Garda Mobility App and equipment then did a quick roadside detection of the man and the car. It was found the car had no nct, tax or insurance.

Gardai then found €200 in fake €10 notes inside the car. The man was then asked to do a roadside breath test which he failed and was then brought to Kilkenny Garda station to do another blood level test.

The man was charged and bailed to Kilkenny District Court and his car was seized under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act.

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