September 28, 2023

Cheaper broadband on way as regulator forces Eir to cut prices

CHEAPER broadband could be on the way for householders who use phone lines to get it.

Comreg has imposed a broadband price cut on Eir to try to encourage more competition in the industry.

The telecoms regulator has announced a 15pc cut (from €23 to €19.54) on the price that Eir can charge other operators on one of its key broadband offerings.

Eir owns all of the copper phone lines in the country, which still make up the majority of the broadband used here.

There has been tension between the company and rival operators over the prices that Eir charges to resell broadband over its network.

By law, Eir has to offer access to rivals, but competitors such as Vodafone and Sky have complained it is too expensive and is stopping them from expanding their services.


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