July 16, 2024
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Five-year-old plans to complete housing estate in county Kilkenny finally approved

Long-awaited plans to extend a partially completed housing development in county Kilkenny have finally been given the green light.

Peraghon Limited has received planning permission from the local authority to complete an estate at Castlehyde Park in Millbanks, New Ross, which lies on the county Kilkenny side of the town.

The plans to complete the estate have been in the offing since 2017. The development was held up while the council sought clarification on matters regarding the development, including pedestrian access and footpaths, pedestrian crossing and public lighting.

The developers can now go-ahead and finally complete the development by adding the final six homes to the estate.

Each house will be a semi-detached, two-storey, three-bedroom home once completed.

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