July 24, 2024
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Plans to develop new tourism initiatives near international port in south Kilkenny

A new report from the owners of Kilkenny’s international port has highlighted the development and the heritage opportunities of the estuary and surrounding area.

The report, ‘The Maritime Heritage of Waterford Estuary’, has been commissioned by the Port of Waterford in Belview in the south of the county and highlights a variety of opportunities to develop and promote the area.

The report offers an overview of the natural and cultural heritage of Waterford Estuary, outlining opportunities for the future sustainable development, promotion and preservation of this heritage that could benefit the estuary community.

Some of the opportunities highlighted include the possibility of developing sensitive tourism initiatives and community projects that will help maintain the boat building, fishing and maritime skills developed over centuries.

Port of Waterford’s Heritage Committee Chairman Joe Dreelan said: “This report is an important publication as it helps to place a framework around potential collaborations in order to achieve a number of objectives.

“These include increasing the awareness of the maritime heritage of Waterford Estuary; contributing to a sense of community pride and place through sustainable social and economic development and work towards strengthening and building on current community development projects such as those funded by FLAG and LEADER in order to promote, preserve and enjoy our unique maritime heritage,” Mr Dreelan added.


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