September 21, 2023

Crash for cash: Kilkenny gardai issue warning about elaborate fake collision scam

Scammers have been targeting Kilkenny residents in an elaborate traffic collision con.

Gardaí in Kilkenny have been made aware of the scam by members of the public who were contacted by the fraudsters in recent days.

The deceptive criminals ring the target from a private number saying that person had been involved in a car crash with the scammer. They then claim they possess the drivers licence and registration plate details of the target.

The fraudsters say they are going to claim off this persons insurance to get themselves a new car. They use confusion tactics to put the target off.

Kilkenny Gardai are worried vulnerable people may be tricked into handing over money as compensation.

A local garda spokesperson said: “Don’t entertain such scam calls. Hang up, report them to your local Garda Station.”


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