July 21, 2024

Crime gangs using M9 motorway to ‘terrorise’ Kilkenny communities

ORGANISED crime gangs driving high-speed vehicles are using the M9 to rob Kilkenny homes and businesses before returning to the motorway to make their escape.

And despite Government promises to erect CCTV along key sections of the motorway to combat local crime, there is no evidence that anyone is actually monitoring the footage, Kilkenny TD Bobby Aylward told the Dáil.

Deputy Aylward was speaking at a debate on a motion on rural crime tabled by the Rural Independent Group in Dáil Eireann yesterday.

He said criminals are “terrorising” local communities and asked the Junior Justice Minister David Stanton to clarify what sections of the motorway are being monitored via CCTV.

Deputy Aylward said: “Two motorways go through my constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny, the M9 and M7. Organised gangs are targeting businesses, robbing them and using the motorway to aid their escape.”

“Billions of euro of taxpayers’ money have been spent on upgrading our motorways over recent decades, and the advantages of this investment speak for themselves, but we must do more to police our national primary routes effectively.”

Deputy Aylward said one text alert group in his constituency is also seeking clarification from the local authority and gardai as to who is responsible for monitoring CCTV footage along the motorway.

But he added: “The local authority continues to state that it awaits advice on data protection legislation, and this has been ongoing for some time.

“The community is setting it up and getting funding from the Department, yet no one is taking responsibility because of data protection legislation.

“This needs to be clarified in order that these schemes can be put in place. This would at least be of help in crime prevention.”



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