October 2, 2022
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Comedian Dara Ó Briain ‘living the dream’ as his Kilkenny hurls arrive in London


IRISH presenter and comedian Dara Ó Briain has suggested a puck about at the Lord’s Cricket Ground London after took delivery of a special batch of Kilkenny hurls.

The popular BBC presenter said he was “living the dream” when he tweeted photos of the three hurls sent to him by the Hurley Depot in Kilkenny. And the reaction online has been massive.

Since the tweet hit, a lot of his followers have been asking the Wicklow comedian what exactly these objects are? While others have been arguing the old chestnut (or ash in this case) – is it a hurl or a hurley?

Irish Comedienne Aisling Bea won the internet however, by telling Ó Briain: “One of them is backwards. You’ll have to return it!”

Ó Briain cracked back, saying he was just setting seeds in the UK capital. “Wait until you see the London County team in 10 years time.”

But the biggest shock of all from Dara’s tweet was reserved for the man who made the hurls, James O’Keefe of JK Hurls, whose hurls have exploded online.

James told KilkennyNow.ie: “I didn’t know anything about Dara Ó Briain’s tweets until Brian Hogan (Kilkenny’s legendary half-back) messaged me at about 7.30am and told me my hurls were all over twitter. It was a bit of a surprise alright.”


The 38-year old from Johnswell has been making hurls for 10 years and has seen them turn up everywhere from Croke Park to Australia, the Middle East and the Americas. But he admits he’s never had publicity like this.

“Currently Paddy Deegan and Tommy Walsh use my hurls and a lot of the lads on the Carlow team. I’ve had post from all over the world, people with my hurls in their hand. But Dara Ó Briain, that’s a good one,” the former O’Loughlin Gael’s clubman joked.

And with the big debate breaking out on Ó’Briain’s twitter thread – is it hurl or hurley? – James decided to have his say on the matter.

“In Kilkenny we call it a hurl, parts of Tipp too. But over in Munster, in Cork, Clare, Limerick it’s a hurley, so you can have either. But as we have the most All-Ireland’s we probably have the most authority – so it’s a hurl!” James (pictured below) declared.


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