December 6, 2023

‘Destruction of Mother and Baby Homes testimonies alarming’ – Kilkenny TD

A Kilkenny TD has said she is “alarmed” by reports that survivors’ testimonies to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission have been destroyed – and accused the Government of showing “a lack of respect”.

Deputy Kathleen Funchion spoke out following reports that audio recordings of most of the 550 survivors who were were interviewed by the Commission no longer exist.

The Sinn Féin children’s spokesperson said: “Several survivors have come forward to express their shock that the commission has said it has destroyed their testimonies. Their legal representatives say this was not made clear to them at the time they were engaging with the commission.

“This is very alarming. The commission must urgently clarify if this has happened, how many survivors this has affected and why this has been done?”

Deputy Funchion added: “Survivors shared their often deeply personal stories with great courage and bravery, despite how upsetting this was. They were determined to ensure the truth came out.

“Now, they are hearing that testimonies have been cast aside and discarded. If this is the case, this is yet another example of survivors being treated with contempt by the commission.

“Survivors cannot continue to be treated with such little respect.”


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