March 20, 2023
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Digital drive: Surge in new Kilkenny website registrations as businesses move online

County Kilkenny experienced 470 new .ie domain registrations in the first half of 2020 as businesses move online in response to Covid-19 pandemic.

This represents a significant 6% year-on-year increase in .ie domain registrations in the county, according to the new IE Domain Registry report.

There were 20,577 new .ie domain registrations in Leinster, up 25% year-on-year, and 33,286 across the island of Ireland, a 26% year-on-year increase.

Over 40% of all new registrations in Ireland occurred in the two months of May and June, as businesses reacted to the consequences of the Government’s first closure orders.

The report suggests that more companies, self-employed business owners, and independent professionals have gone online since the lockdown to maintain their revenue streams, stay in contact with customers, and expand into new markets.

Chief Executive of IE Domain Registry, David Curtin, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a noticeable effect on new .ie registrations in Kilkenny and the island of Ireland.

“Irish SMEs’ ability to cater to consumer choice and comfort, by providing both an online experience and an in-store shopping experience, will be key to Kilkenny and the country’s economic recovery in 2020 and beyond,” David concluded.

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