February 29, 2024
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Jobs boost for Kilkenny as studio seeks talent to work on new Netflix series

Success breeds success, and one of Kilkenny’s greatest success stories is now adding to its team of internationally renowned animators.

Cartoon Saloon has again received multiple global award nominations for its latest feature Wolfwalkers, whcih is set in medieval Kilkenny. And rather than rest on its laurels, the agency is instead embarking on a major recruitment drive which will come as a welcome jobs boost for Kilkenny.

Cartoon Saloon are looking to hire new talent to help create their new series and another as yet unnamed venture. Artists are being sought to work on the six-part series “My Father’s Dragon’ which will be aired on streaming giant Netflix, while several new roles are being advertised for a separate TV programme.

For more details about the positions, visit: www.cartoonsaloon.ie/positions/.


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Jakub. I’m living in Kileknny for the last 3 years. I love art in any form, have that kind of intuition about what go with what. I know that I am very sensitive to that special think that in my eyes is good and people will love it. I never work in the tv but its my dream to get into art in that form. I am painting at the moment, and looking after my dog, not doing anything because of the lockdown, but I love to offer you my time and ideas if you give me that chance. Donno what else to say. Let me know if there any chance to chat, and getting contact with you.
    Kind regards

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