December 11, 2023

Drug busts, fires and drunken teens … a busy night for Kilkenny gardai

Kilkenny gardai had a very busy night on Sunday dealing with drunken teens, illegal bonfires, drug driving and Covid related issues.

A drug driver was arrested roughly around midnight after failing to stop at a roadside checkpoint. He was eventually caught by members of  Kilkenny’s Unit C and arrested.

Other members of Kilkenny gardai maintained curfews and carried out routine patrols in the city.~

The Fire Service had to be called to deal with a bonfire that go out of hand on waste ground near the city.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “A varied tour of duty for the crews from Unit C Kilkenny. A bonfire on waste ground necessitated our colleagues in the Fire Service.

“A bit later, beat members were alerted by a pair of responsible teenagers to an extremely intoxicated youth under St. Francis Bridge.

“At around midnight the main car crew arrested one person who failed a roadside drugs test at a Mandatory Intoxicant Checkpoint. The sample came back positive for cannabis.

“Meanwhile, the second car crew were tending to curfew checks and routine patrols. A number of alarm calls kept the lads on their toes as well,” the spokesperson added.


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