September 25, 2020

€2,500 fines for flaunting rubbish by-laws as Kilkenny Council begin door-to-door inspections


KILKENNY County Council inspectors are going door-to-door seeking proof that householders are legally disposing of their rubbish.

And those who can’t prove that they have used authorised waste operators could be hit with a €2,500 fine.

The council is trying to curb the use of the ‘man with the van’ service’s who the council claims “typically disposes of waste indiscriminately”.

A council spokesperson told “The by-laws place obligations on waste producers regarding storage, presentation, segregation of waste and contamination prevention. These By-Laws are hitting at the core of unauthorised dumping which is a scourge on our beautiful City and County, requiring huge amounts of resources and taxpayer’s money to clean-up each year.

“It is also a significant problem for private landowners and the farming community with indiscriminate dumping happening in some of our most remote and scenic locations. There is also the environmental damage that is caused to our flora and fauna. All of which flies in the face of the great work undertaken by voluntary organisations up and down the county to enhance their local communities.

“These By-Laws will aid the local authority identify offenders and tackle the problem of unauthorised waste collectors (i.e. the man in the van who typically disposes of waste indiscriminately).”

The council spokesperson said the focus of the inspections is currently on the city, but it will be extended out across the county soon.

“The Environment Team of Kilkenny County Council has now commenced door to door inspections whereby householders are required to demonstrate proof that their waste is managed in accordance with the By-Laws and is disposed of by an approved waste operator or brought by the householder to an authorised waste facility,”

Households and commercial premises found to be not complying with the by-laws face a fixed penalty notice of €75 or a fine on conviction of up to €2,500.



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