December 11, 2023

ALERT: Terrified Kilkenny pensioner mugged by men in white van

A man who was forced to pull over to the side of the road by two men in an oncoming white van was then intimidated into accepting a set of knives after the van driver took all his money.

The incident occured in Callan town last Thursday as the man, aged in his 70s, was driving towards the bypass at around 1pm.

He was flagged down by a white Mercedes Van coming towards him, furiously flashing its lights. The elderly man stopped his car and two men then jumped out of the van and approached the pensioner’s car.

A number of items were thrust upon the elderly man for sale, but he told the van driver he was not interested in buying.

However the van driver persisted and the pensioner, in the confusion, took out his wallet. The van driver then snatched all the money out of the wallet and forced the man into accepting a set of knives in exchange.

The van driver and his accomplice got back into van, which had a UK or Northern Irish registration plate, and drove off.

Kilkenny gardai are investigating the incident. They have urged potential eyewitnesses or anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the area at the time to contact Callan Garda Station on 056 770 6630.

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