May 6, 2021

ELECTIONS 2019: Turnout slow in Kilkenny so far (27%), but expected to rise

TURNOUT in Kilkenny’s local elections, European election and referendum is slower than expected so far.

By 5.30pm this evening there was a turnout of just 27%, but the figure is expected to rise steadily later this evening and tonight as people finish work.

Election officials told there has been broadly similar turnout in the different electoral areas across the county.

Lengthy ballot papers are also causing some delays at polling stations across the country.

In Kilkenny the papers have caused some minor delays, but it is not expected to have significant impact until, as expected, the queues get longer later this evening as more people turn up to cast their vote.

Returning Officers have indicated that the segregation of ballot papers tomorrow morning may also be delayed by the long ballot papers.

Count centre staff around the country will separate European, Local, Referendum, and in some cases Mayoral plebiscite papers into different piles when the boxes are opened.

Their task will be complicated depending on how many times they have to unfold each ballot.

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