December 9, 2023

Gardai in Kilkenny round up horses after they escaped from field

Gardai in Kilkenny were sent on a wild chase after eight horses and a goat escaped their fields.

The alarm was raised in Kilkenny on the Garda Síochána Waterford/Kilkenny/Carlow Facebook page recently as members of the force accompanied the loose equines near a road in Kilkenny.

The post said: “Gardai in Kilkenny are currently looking after’ 8 equines near the Callan Road in Kilkenny.”

An update at 10:50pm said that the owner came forward.

It was then revealed that an unknown person had opened the horse’s gate, causing them to wander out.

A Garda spokesperson confirmed: “It appears some person (unknown) out for a stroll may have left a gate open.”

Gardai said the owner was “very distressed” after coming forward to collect their animals

“There was never a suggestion that these weren’t cared for animals but that the field gate was left open,” the spokesperson added.

“The real message from this evening is one that has been said before. ‘If you’re on someone’s land and open a gate, close it after you to protect the animals and indeed road users’.

“Thank you for the assistance.”


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