July 17, 2024

‘Extremely irresponsible and dangerous’ – cyclist caught on Kilkenny motorway

Kilkenny gardai did a double take when they spotted this cyclist illegally pedalling their way down a busy motorway.

The cyclist was taken off the road after he was caught travelling along the M9 in county Kilkenny.

A local Garda spokesperson confirmed: “Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit took this cyclist off the M9 recently. Not only is it an offence, but is was extremely irresponsible and dangerous.”

Several members of the public took to social media to report some other strange motorway behaviour.

One woman said: “It’s scary how few people know the rules of the road especially on motorways. I saw a man running on the motorway one morning. And no his car hadn’t broken down somewhere. He was out for a run and no better place for him only a motorway.”

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