September 28, 2023

Fancy a walk? The handy website that maps 2km radius from your Kilkenny home as gardai take to the streets

If you’re wondering where you can walk in Waterford this morning following the Covid-19 lockdown of the country last night and gardai take to the streets to ensure compliance, a handy website let’s you map the exact areas you can take a ramble.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar last night announced a series of fresh restrictions that means residents can only leave their homes under very strict criteria including exercising within a 2km radius of your house.

Just logo onto the Travel Time Platform  and enter your address and it will map the boundary around your home where you are not supposed to cross and show you all the roads and paths you can walk within the rules.

The website is defaulted to ‘Miles’ so make sure you convert the drop down menu to kilometres.

Meanwhile, An Garda Síochána last night started a major nationwide policing operation focused on supporting public compliance with public health measures over this weekend.

The policing operation runs until 7am on Monday morning (March 30) and will involve thousands of gardai on foot, bike and mobile patrols.

While An Garda Síochána will seek to encourage people to maintain the necessary public health measures, it will intervene where venues or outlets are not in compliance or where groups of people are not adhering to recommended measures.

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