May 18, 2024

Finding a rented home in Kilkenny now ‘like winning the Lotto’

FINDING rented accommodation in Kilkenny is now like “winning the Lotto” because the supply of  housing is so scarce, a local election candidate has claimed.

Independent Kilkenny City Area candidate Paul Brophy said the housing crisis is now affecting people of all classes and backgrounds.

And he claimed families in Kilkenny are now forking out up to 60% of their monthly income just to cover their rent.

Mr Brophy told “The private rental housing here in Kilkenny has now become so scarce that finding a rental property for young single people or even families is like winning the lotto. The housing crisis is much broader than a homeless crisis.

“Homelessness is affecting the working people and professional class, not just the old stereotypical type. Families where parents are working in good jobs just cannot afford the rent hikes anymore. The cost of rent is escalating, families are paying rent up to 60% of their income.”

Mr Brophy also hit out the practice by some auctioneers around the country who are reportedly charging people up to €80 for a viewing fee, which he described as “morally wrong and unforgivable”.

The Kilkenny man said he is one of many young people with decent jobs who cannot get a mortgage to buy their home.

“Homelessness is affecting everyone now in this country and right in the heart of Kilkenny,” he added.

“Banks are not granting mortgages, People on €50,000 and €60,000 a year cannot access mortgages. Young people of Kilkenny who have graduated from College who have first class degrees with a profession can no longer access a first home of their own with their own income. I am one of these people myself.”

Mr Brophy (pictured below) hit out at the “serious lack of affordable homes” on the market, despite efforts by Kilkenny County Council to make affordable housing attractive to builders.

He added: “I am asking the Government, when is enough, enough? People living with the homeless crisis have changed from just being unemployed people with mental health and addition issues. Homelessness is now with working people, professional people and young people like myself with good jobs.

“We all need hope, hope of having a home to go home to each day after a hard day’s work or a day at school studying for State exams. Charity literally begins at home, and it is a sad reflection on society when we can’t provide basic housing for our people.”

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