June 15, 2024

Five people from different households travelled over 50kms to Kilkenny city in same car for ‘takeaway’

Gardai in Kilkenny stopped a vehicle with five people from different households who had driven over 50kms from another county to buy a takeaway.

The car was stopped at one of the Operation Fanacht Garda checkpoints in the city last night.

Gardai said there has so far been “huge compliance” by members of the public to the Covid-19 restirctions.

However, there has been some exceptions and gardai urged Kilkenny peeople to continue to “demonstrate personal and social responsibility” and to comply with public health guidelines and regulations “to save lives”.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “At one of our Operation Fanacht checkpoints in Kilkenny City last night, one vehicle was stopped with 5 people on board, all from separate households. They had travelled over 50 kms from another County to purchase a hot food takeaway. Gardaí using 3 principles of engage, encourage and education, reiterated to them, the seriousness of Covid19. It is more important than ever that we all work together to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.”

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