September 27, 2023

Found it! 13th century Kilkenny Castle Gatehouse unearthed by dig team


THAT didn’t take long! Archeologists working on a dig in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle have already made significant discoveries.

Late yesterday afternoon, the dig team came across the bases of the two circular towers with ten-foot thick walls, that held the Castle’s Gatehouse.

The reason for the Office of Public Works (OPW) dig is to try locate the 13th century gatehouse and, if discovered, assess what condition it is now in.

In less than a week’s digging, the dig team has located the gatehouse, and reports say it is in good order.

The archeologists came across an arrow embrasure – an area where bowmen would have stood or sat and shot arrows from through a slit in a wall.

The dig in front of the Castle’s main entrance is set to continue for another two weeks.



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