December 6, 2023
Crime News

Kilkenny drivers face on-the-spot fines in crackdown on illegal parking


THERE are just 50 disabled parking spaces in Kilkenny city and gardai have been told dish out on-the-spot fines if people are parking in them without permits.

The warning to drivers comes on the back of numerous complaints received by the gardai regarding illegal parking in disabled bays and loading bays around the city.

The gardai have been instructed to clamp down on illegal parking by hitting offenders with on-the-spot fines of up to €150.

In March 2018 the Government almost doubled the penalty for parking in disabled spots, from €80 to €150, due to the escalating problem.

Currently just 50 of the 2,800 parking spaces in Kilkenny city are disabled bays, that’s according to figures from Kilkenny County Council.

Disabled spaces make up just 1.7% of all the car spaces available in the city, which some say is inadequate.

Gardai are asking the public to respect the rights of disabled people and leave their parking spaces free.

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