December 3, 2023

Gardai urged Kilkenny people to be wary of new cold-calling scam

Gardai in Kilkenny are reminding people once again to be vigilant when answering calls coming from 083 numbers looking for payments for fines.

Over the past number of weeks an ongoing scam has being plaguing people in Kilkenny and nationwide which are trying to separate people from their money.

The cold-calling scam that appears to be from an Irish mobile number takes numerous forms, but mainly is a automated voice directing people through a process, with the ultimate aim of extracting money from them.

Gardai are asking people to hang up and not engage with these calls.

A Kilkenny Garda spokesperson said: “People are continuing to get calls from 083 numbers unknown to them saying there’s a warrant out for their arrest which will be cancelled on payment of a fine.

“One member of the public received a call purporting to be from the Social Protection Office making these demands.

“This is of course a scam. Don’t engage, don’t ring back, never ever give your bank details!” the spokesperson concluded.

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