December 5, 2023

Good Friday? It’s going to be a Great Friday in Kilkenny, says Met Éireann

KILKENNY is set to sizzle over the Easter bank holiday weekend, with temperatures rising to as high as 21C today.

The miserable start to the week we endured will seem like a memory from a different season as the county basks in “long spells of hazy sunshine”, according to Met Éireann.

And the national forecaster has urged people to protect their skin as we bask in temperatures that will be hotter than many popular Mediterranean sun spots over the bank holiday weekend.

Met Éireann said: “Mist and fog clearing from most places but staying misty in some coastal areas. Dry and bright today, with long spells of hazy sunshine. Afternoon temperatures of 15 to 21 degrees Celsius, highest furthest inland and cooler in mist on the coast. Take care in exposure to sunshine.”

The national forecaster said it will turn “very misty tonight” across Kilkenny and the rest of Leinster, with patchy fog developing “in near calm conditions”.

But the mist and fog will clear tomorrow morning to give way for a dry, warm day with more spells of warm hazy sunshine. Afternoon temperatures will reach highs of up to 22C.

And the summer conditions will continue into Sunday, although there may be some “scattered rain”, with temperatures of up to 20C forecast.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Water Safety Ireland, John Leech, has warned of the risks of cold water drowning as the mercury rises this weekend.

Mr Leech said people who were not used to swimming should wear wet suits, while anyone engaging in other water activities, such as canoeing or paddle boarding, should wear dry suits and life vests.

“Essentially the water temperature will be half of what the air temperature is at its hottest. So when it’s 20 or 21 degrees in coastal areas, it’ll be 10 degrees and in inland waters, it will be 8 degrees,” he told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

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