October 16, 2021
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Goverment to announce ‘full funding’ for landmark North Quays project in Ferrybank: developer

The developers behind the North Quays’s regeneration in Ferrybank have said the Government will annouce “full funding” for the landmark development on the Kilkenny-Waterford border next week.

Rob Cass, Director of Falcon Real Estates Ireland, also confirmed plans to build 800 new “100% sustainable energy powered and affordable homes” in Waterford over the next three years.

Mr Cass wrote on LinkedIn: “With Minister Darragh O’Brien coming to announce full North Quays funding on Tuesday, we’re delighted to announce that in addition to North Quays, we’ve secured finance to develop over 800 new, 100% sustainable energy powered & affordable homes in Waterford city in the next 3 years.

“We then are delivering over €645 million Private investment over next 4 yrs & kick start communities growth through urban regeneration & sustainable homes in regional Ireland.

“Our US affordable living partners are investing a further €80m in North Quays which in total brings investments to over €750m of private investment we’re making happen in Waterford city in the next 4 years.”

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  1. Kevin McGrath says:

    The main illustration with boats moored at right angles to the flow of The Suir, is a real indication of the depth of though gone into this unsustainably conceived white elephant, sad as its just as easy to get it right.

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