October 3, 2023
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Free grow-your-own food packs for Kilkenny residents

Every thought about growing your own food? Well, now is a perfect time to start as Kilkenny County Council are giving away free food growing kits as part of their Grow It Yourself (GIY) and Grow it Forward initiative.

In partnership with Healthy Ireland and Libraries Ireland, 50,000 free food growing kits are to be given away, with participants are asked to use the kits to share the experience with 10 people, enabling half a million people across Ireland to enjoy the wide range of benefits that come from growing food at home.

Part of the Government’s Keep Well programme, the campaign is designed to help Kilkenny people to eat well while inspiring others to grow some of their own food at home.

Each food growing pack includes seeds for beetroot, carrots, salad leaves, peas and tomatoes, while a guide within the pack shows people help grow the vegetables. People who sign up will also receive regular e-mails with support packages, video clips and ideas for how to ‘grow it forward’.

The leader of Kilkenny County Council, Cllr Andrew McGuinness, said: “I would encourage people to get involved in this worthwhile programme which will inform and empower people to care about their food, have a successful growing experience and ultimately lead to increased well-being.”

Budding GIYers are invited to claim a Grow it Forward pack at giy.ie/growitforward or by contacting Kilkenny Library Services.




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