June 2, 2023

Henry Shefflin says brave son ‘back playing sport’ after lawnmower accident

HURLING legend Henry Shefflin has said his son is now thriving following a harrowing accident at their Ballyhale home two years ago.

Little Henry lost four toes in a lawnmower accident, but the brave nine-year-old is now back playing sport with his friends, his proud father has revealed.

Henry Snr, who has a record 10 All-Ireland medals and last week guided Ballyhale to victory in the Leinster Senior Club Hurling Championship in his first year as coach, told RSVP magazine: “The accident was two years ago even though it feels like 10 and he never once complained in hospital or about what happened to him. He is playing soccer, hurling and he is doing swimming now.

“He turned nine last month and we rented a bouncy castle, all of his friends arrived with hurleys and helmets and they didn’t go near it. They spent the evening playing hurling, soccer, football and rugby in the back garden.”

Henry and his wife Deirdre have five children (pictured above by RSVP), but he said it was no surprise given they both come from large families themselves.

Deirdre told the magazine: “I come from a family of four, I am the baby and Henry comes from a family of seven. We never planned to have one child never mind five, they were just a progression in our relationship after we got engaged and married.

“It all happened so fast in the roller-coaster that was Kilkenny’s success, so we took everything one week at a time.”

Read the full interview with Henry and Deirdre in this month’s issue of RSVP Magazine

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