September 28, 2023

In the swing of it: Long-awaited new playground in south Kilkenny finally opens

After two years in the making, the much-anticipated new playground in Ferrybank has finally opened to the public.

The 2.5 acre Neighbourhood Park, on which construction started in the middle of 2018,  is the first of its kind to serve the 5,000-plus strong community in Ferrybank.

The new facillity can also accommodate people with disabilities and mobility issues and features walks, playing pitches as well as areas to hang out.

The €625,000 project was completed on a disused site at the Aylesbury Housing Development that went into receivership. The playground is a joint project between Kilkenny and Waterford councils.

The local authority has urged people who use the facility to take additional precautions to protect their own and others’ health and safety to combat the spread of the pandemic.

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