July 16, 2024

Kilkenny and Ireland to escape ‘Siberian Snowbomb’ to hit UK: Met Éireann

KILKENNY and the rest of the country will not be hit by the so-called ‘Siberian Snowbomb’ forecast to hit our UK neighbours next week.

Met Éireann said our current dry conditions will continue, with no extreme cold weather, frost or heavy rain expected.

Meteorologist John Eagleton said next week will continue to be relatively dry and mild despite extremely cold weather in continental Europe.

He said: “No serious break in the dry weather, there’ll be bits and pieces of rain, temperatures will hold more or less as they are, no real cold weather either.

“It’s not totally dry. There’ll be bits and pieces of misty, drizzly weather but no serious rainfall, no frosty weather, hardly any frost at night.”

Speaking about the possibility of extreme cold weather and snow, he added: “It’s not for us, I’m not even sure the UK will get it. It is bad over the continent, Austria have a red warning for 60cm of snow there.”

Today we’ll have a mix of sunny spells, clouds, mist and drizzle, with highest temperatures of between 6C to 10C.

It will be another chilly night, with temperatures dropping to just 1C in parts.

Met Éireann said tomorrow will be “mostly dull or cloudy with just a few spots of rain or drizzle”.


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