June 2, 2023

Kilkenny and Leinster to enjoy warm and mostly dry weekend: Met Éireann

KILKENNY will continue to bask in the unseasonably warm weather conditions this weekend.

Ireland would usually be experiencing some frost at this time of the year.

Met Éireann has warned we will experience wetter weather from early next week, but it will be mostly dry today and for the rest of the weekend, with temperatures of between 10 to 11 degrees.

It will be largely dry but rather cloudy today throughout Kilkenny and most of Leinster, with just a few patches of mist and drizzle scattered about.

The dry weather will continue tonight, albeit with patchy mist and fog. It will become breezy overnight, with patchy outbreaks of mainly light rain and drizzle extending south-eastwards followed by clearer intervals and scattered light showers.

Tomorrow will be breezy and mostly cloudy, with any residual showers from overnight clearing during the morning.

Met Éireann has forecast a damp, cloudy and blustery start to Sunday with “patchy outbreaks of rain and drizzle clearing southwards follow by drier and somewhat brighter conditions, although still with a good deal of cloud.”

A few showers will hit the country, but these will mostly affect the north Ulster coast, with little rain or wet weather forecast for the south-east.

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