September 30, 2023

Kilkenny becoming ‘Age- Friendly’ capital of Ireland


Kilkenny is fast becoming the age-friendly capital of Ireland, and this effort was recognised today by the Government.

The Minister of State with special responsibility for Older People and Mental Health, Jim Daly came to county Kilkenny today to run his eye over three innovative projects that make Kilkenny a more accessible and attractive place to come to for the elderly.

St Luke’s General Hospital, MacDonagh Junction shopping centre, and Thomastown, were all visited by Minister Daly for the efforts they have put into making themselves more age-friendly.

The Minister was at St Luke’s to launch the Geriatric Emergency Medicine Service (GEMS) and the age-friendly hospital initiatives.

He then visited MacDonagh Junction, which has become Ireland’s first age-friendly shopping centre, before moving onto Thomastown this afternoon, to see what the town has done to make itself age-friendly.

The Minister was accompanied on his trip by the Chair of Kilkenny County Council, Peter ‘Chap’ Cleere, and the CEO of Kilkenny Chamber, John Hurley.

“The age-friendly initiative recognises that society is aging, and people are living longer,” John Hurley told

“The way we run our society we forget the needs of people reaching older age.

“We ignore the fact a lot of people in their senior years have good pensions and have good incomes. They have time to spend, and time to spend their money.

“Age-friendly Kilkenny is an initiative aimed at businesses to encourage them to look at how they do their business and how they layout their premises. We want them to look at the way they deliver their service and what tweaks can be made to make their business more attractive to elderly people.”

Picture courtesy of Vicky Comerford

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