September 30, 2023
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Kilkenny businesses urged to tap into new water conservation scheme

Kilkenny businesses have been urged to get involved in a new water conservation scheme.

Local enterprises are being invited to join Irish Water’s Water Stewardship Programme, which includes taking the Water Conservation Pledge, carrying out free Online Water Conservation Training and finally enrolling to become a Certified Water Steward.

Water is a critically important resource, fundamental to both homes and businesses. But it’s also a limited resource with water shortages becoming a global reality. Protecting our precious water is becoming as important as reducing our energy use with water now ranked as the third greatest risk to global growth in the next 10 year, according to the World Economic Forum.

Irish business uses circa 510 million litres of water every day in Ireland (the equivalent of 10 times the amount needed to supply a city the size of Limerick), which is why supporting businesses to become more sustainable in how they use water is critical to safeguarding our supplies for the future.

Chambers Ireland is working with Irish Water to raise awareness of the Three Steps to Sustainable Water Management, to support businesses to lower water consumption and reduce operating costs while protecting the environment.

Yvonne Harris, Irish Water Head of Customer Operations, said: “Safeguarding our precious water resources is a top priority for Irish Water. For that reason we are delighted to launch this water stewardship partnership with Chambers Ireland. Conserving water not only helps protect your local supply – it can also protect the environment, boost your reputation, and reduce your bills.”

Small changes such as identifying water waste on site, setting a baseline for water use, raising awareness amongst staff and customers or upgrading to water efficient devices can help to save water and money.

Kilkenny Chamber CEO John Hurley said: “Kilkenny Chamber encourages Kilkenny businesses to move to sustainable water management. Irish Water’s Water Stewardship Programme provides an opportunity to improve your green credentials by taking the water conservation pledge and online training to support your business to use water sustainably, in a way that benefits people and the environment.”

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