July 13, 2020

Kilkenny city residents afraid to let kids outside due to upsurge in anti-social behaviour

MEMBERS of a community in Kilkenny city say they are too afraid to let their children out on the street due to an upsurge in violence and anti-social behaviour.

The latest incident occurred on Lord Edward Street on Monday night, but residents say this is just one of a series of frightening disturbances in the area in recent weeks.

Some residents went on KCLR to speak out about the anti-social behaviour earlier today, but most were too afraid to give their identity amid fears they would be targeted.

The complaints centre around some individuals and families that moved into the area.

One resident said local families are “terrified” and urged gardai to intervene.

A local Garda source confirmed to KilkennyNow.ie that officers did respond to an incident in Lord Edward Street on Monday night. It was initially reported that a person had been stabbed, but this was later found to be untrue.

Rumours that a machete was involved in the row were also later discounted.

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