October 20, 2020

Kilkenny goes to the polls! Your guide to weekend election drama

AFTER weeks of debates, campaigning, poster rows and recriminations … the moment of truth is finally upon us.

Voting booths in Kilkenny opened at 7am this morning as people from across the city and county cast their ballots for their preferred candidates in the local and European elections.

A total of 44 candidates from across the political divide are contesting 24 available seats from Kilkenny’s four electoral areas.

Voters will choose their preferred candidates for Europe from a crowded field of 23 hopefuls contesting the Ireland South constituency.

And you will also get to have your say on the divorce referendum, which also takes place today.

This weekend all eyes will be on the count centre in Cillín Hill, where the counting of the ballots will get underway from 2.30pm tomorrow.

The counting team’s first job will be to segregate and verify the papers. Once this is complete, the local election, referendum and plebiscite papers can be counted, though local election papers may be brought to a separate location for counting.

Counting on the European ballot will only begin on Sunday morning at 9am, though no results will be announced until polls have closed all over Europe at 10pm that evening.

You’ll begin to hear the very first referendum results late tomorrow, with a full result very late Saturday night or in the early hours of Sunday.

The local election results will start coming on tomorrow afternoon, and most successful candidate should be known on Sunday.

However, the count processes for this is slow and final results most likely won’t be confirmed until early next week.

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