December 3, 2023
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Kilkenny farmers can now map their farms for free

Over 3,500 farmers throughout Kilkenny can now map their farms for free in a matter of minutes.

It’s thanks to a new service launched by Herdwatch, a farm management software, which enables farmers to create maps of their farms using satellite imagery directly on their phone.

Fields can then be named and colour coded based on what they are used for. The service also enables farmers to create paddocks and spray records for farm compliance, eliminating paperwork and allowing them to make better and quicker decisions.

Land size is automatically calculated, providing farmers with the area of their field in hectares and acres as they create the map. In just two weeks, Herdwatch members mapped over 40,000 acres of farmland in the app.

“We are very happy to be able to make this tool available for free to the more than 3,500 farmers in Kilkenny,” said Herdwatch CEO and Co-Founder, Fabien Peyaud.

“This provides a fast, simple solution which we know from our research has been an issue of significant interest to the farming community in Kilkenny and beyond. Increasingly farmers need to be able to create maps of their farms for a variety of reasons and they can now do that with minimum fuss all through their smartphone. ”



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