June 8, 2023

Kilkenny gardai issue warning after bogus tradesmen con elderly couple out of ‘substantial amount of money’

Gardaí in Kilkenny have urged people to beware of bogus callers after receiving new fraud complaints in recent weeks.

Officers are specifically urging people to be wary of any tradesperson who calls to your door offering to carry out works.

The recent case involves an injured party living in the south east who paid “a substantial amount of money” for work that was to be done to their home. The work was never carried out but the injured party was conned into paying for it.

A local Garda spokesperson said: “Gardai in the South East are investigating after a report of a large amount of cash was extracted from an elderly couple by bogus workmen. They claimed to have carried out ‘work’ on the couple’s home which was never done. The couple were deceived into handing over their money.

“Please be aware of bogus workmen cold calling and offering to carry out work on your home. Only employ reputable trades people or tried a tested Persons. We would ask all communities to look out for elderly neighbours with regards to these criminals and report any suspicions to the Gardaí.”

Gardai said that if a person calls to your door offering to carry out work to do the following:

  • Ask for a sales brochure or other documentation that you can investigate and verify whether it is genuine;
  • If you are satisfied they are genuine ask for a written itemised quotation and references from previous customers;
  • Never engage with someone who insists on cash payment. Use a traceable method of payment;
  • Advise elderly friends and neighbours of these scams.

A Garda spokesperson added: “Never be embarrassed or ashamed to contact Gardaí if you have fallen victim to this type of crime, report it immediately. You may prevent someone else becoming a victim.”



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