September 29, 2022
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Kilkenny householders face disruption as major new water works get underway

HOUSEHOLDERS in Kilkenny face more disruption as major new waterworks get underway in the city this week.

The works to install 1.2 kilometres of new water mains and the replacement of more that 155 back yard water services began yesterday.

The affected communities are Fatima Place, Saint Theresa’s Terrace, Dominic Street, Kennyswell Road and Emmet Street.

Irish Water said in a statement: “Direct contact is being made with each customer to explain the need and benefits of this project and to discuss the improvement works relating to their specific property.”

While there will be some upheaval, Irish Water said the works will see homes and business across Kilkenny city benefiting from a more secure and reliable water supply.

Irish Water, in partnership with Kilkenny County Council, have begun replacing ageing cast iron and lead back yard water services in new locations in the city. The works are being carried out by Coffey Northumbrian Ltd on behalf of Irish Water.

Back yard service replacement works have been underway in Fr Delahunty Terrace, Old Callan Road and Walkin Street and are due to be completed this Summer.

Irish Water said: “Further phases of the project will follow later in 2019 and customers will be notified well in advance of these works taking place.”

The works are being carried out as part of Irish Water’s national Leakage Reduction Programme. This programme is aimed at providing the community with a more reliable water supply through the removal of old damaged pipes and improving water quality and reducing leakage.

Irish Water Network Programmes Regional Lead Mark O’Duffy said: “As part of our national Leakage Reduction Programme, backyard services replacement works have been underway in Kilkenny City for a number of months now. The next phase of this project is due to start this week and involves the replacement of over 1.2km of backyard mains and 150 backyard services in Fatima Place, Saint Theresa’s Terrace, Dominic Street, Kennyswell Road and Emmet Street.”

Mr O’Duffy added: “Backyard mains typically run across the back gardens of properties and home owners in these areas may have experienced problems with their water supply in the past due to difficult-to-fix leaks under garden walls and under house extensions. Replacing these backyard services as part of this project will have the dual effect of improving the water supply for directly affected homeowners as well as reducing leakage and increasing the availability of clean drinking water for other homes and businesses in Kilkenny city.”

For further information on the national Leakage Reduction Programme, log on to:

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